Integrative Immunity Training Program

Integrative Immunity Training Program (ITP) For Healthcare Practitioners

We offer integrative immunity training programs (ITP) for healthcare practitioners WORLDWIDE. For more information, call us.

Integrative Immunity Training Program

Dr. Tano offers a training program for fellow physicians, titled Integrative Immunity: Discover the 3 Keys to the Maximum Health. The course aims to teach other healthcare practitioners how environmental chemicals and hormonal imbalances can contribute to obesity, allergies, and chronic ailments.

Dr. Tano’s training course for physicians breaks down the practice of integrative immunity and the role of pesticides in the obesity and allergy epidemics. To continue with that education, the program touches on pesticides as endocrine disruptors and the widespread prevalence of endocrine disruptors in addition to how this prevalence affects human immune systems. The steps to effectively preventing and treating obesity and allergies will also be discussed.

The first part of the program focuses on knowing the body. It will cover the issues with dividing healthcare treatment into specialties, Integrative Immunity body systems, and Integrative Immunity history-taking and physical examination. The second part of the progam is about understanding the environmental factors that cause diseases. It will go over the rise of homo economics and the demise of world health; this will include an overview of household chemicals, cosmetics and cosmeceuticals, and pesticides, and how they affect our health. This part will also cover the relationship among pesticides, obesity, and allergies, as well as general allergy information and treatment protocols. The last portion about these environmental factors will cover how to put this information together in order to address the hormonal imbalances that occur as a result of these environmental toxins. These imbalances are often the root cause of obesity and related chronic diseases. This part also covers the relationship between environmental chemicals, epigenetics, and cancer.

Part three covers the foods and beverages involved in chronic diseases, and the importance of an estrogen-free lifestyle. This part teaches how to make smart choices regarding chemicals, foods, and beverages to avoid hormonal imbalances, weight gain, allergies, and chronic ailments.

There are three levels of courses:

  • Introductory ITP- this is a one-day course
  • Intermediate ITP- this is a three-day course
  • Advanced ITP- this is a nine-day course

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